Efficient Solutions for Organizing and Archiving Your Business Documents in Egypt
Enjoy hassle-free document pick-up right from your office doorstep.

    Document Scanning Service

    At Contalents Company in Egypt, our document scanning service is designed to transform your paper-based documents into digital assets, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and accessibility.

    Document Digital & Physical archiving

    This process not only frees up physical storage space but also ensures easy access, retrieval, and long-term preservation of critical information.
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    Key features and benefits of document scanning archiving with us

    Efficient Storage

    Say goodbye to the hassle of physical filing cabinets and storage rooms. Digitized documents are compactly stored on secure servers, saving valuable office space.

    Enhanced Accessibility

    Access your archived documents with just a few clicks from anywhere, at any time. No more searching through stacks of paper; your documents are at your fingertips.

    Data Security

    Advanced encryption and access controls protect your sensitive documents from unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

    How does archive scanning work?

    Archive scanning involves converting paper documents into digital format using specialized scanners and software. The digital files are then stored, organized, and made easily accessible for efficient document management.
    • 1

      We'll retrieve your archive files from your storage facility using our tracked vehicles. For larger projects, we'll coordinate a collection schedule to match your availability.

    • 2

      Upon arrival, archive boxes are logged into our internal tracking system and then prepared for scanning, including the removal of paperclips and staples.

    • 3

      Our skilled technicians will scan your archive files in black and white or color, converting them into your chosen format, such as PDF. We'll also organize and index electronic records according to your specifications.

    • 4

      Capture electronic documents in the cloud for flexible, remote access, or opt for SFTP or encrypted hard-drive access.

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    Transforming Chaos into Clarity Contalents Will Saved Your Office Space and Sanity!'

    Imagine a world where all your documents are at your fingertips. Our cutting-edge scanning and archiving services make it a reality.

    What are the most common files that you can scan my paper to?

    95% of all paper we scan will be converted to a PDF file. On rare occasions, we also scan to a TIFF file format and sometimes others.

    Why would I not scan everything in color?

    You certainly can, but be aware that images containing color are much larger than images of just black & white. This is why the Auto-Color option has become a very popular choice for customers.

    What types of scanning services are available?

    We offer wide format and small format document scanning services. We can also scan other types of assets such as microfiche, and aperture cards. See a full list of the type of documents we can scan

    • Large format scanning services
    • Blueprint and map scanning services
    • Scan by the box services – you box it, we scan it
    • Medical and HIPAA compliant scanning services
    • Legal Document scanning

    What is the turnaround time for a document scanning service?

    We do our best to scan your documents as fast as possible, here is our typical turnaround time (business days):

    • 1-5 boxes – 10 days
    • 5-10 boxes – 15 days
    • 11- 20 boxes – 20 days
    • 21+ boxes – upon estimate

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