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For Courageous Content Creators Who Want to Do Epic Work

For Courageous Content Creators Who Want to Do Epic Work

When I started blogging, a little over 10 years ago, one of my then-colleagues mentioned that she “didn’t have the software to read blogs.”

Today, the landscape is a little different.

Blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and other content formats are being consumed at an astonishing rate — and an equally astonishing volume of new content is being generated to fill that demand.

The content landscape isn’t some mythical blue ocean lacking in competition. It’s a teeming jungle — with plenty to eat, and plenty that wants to eat you.

To make it in the content jungle, you need courage. The courage to stand out, the courage to get real about your values, and the courage to create over the long haul.

This week, we’ve got fuel for your content courage.

One reason creativity and self-expression are difficult is that we’re afraid someone will be mean to us over what we publish.

Online, this fear is regrettably realistic.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman shared how to get our heads on straight in a time when trolls and bullies are more vocal than ever.

My favorite line from this one:

“If you want to get ingredients for a Boring Content recipe, look in the Try to Please Everyone aisle at your local Content Formula Store.”

On Tuesday, Kelton Reid spelled out the challenges and opportunities in podcasting as an enduring content trend. Podcasts are increasingly popular, which means the audiences are huge. But so, of course, is the competition for those ears.

Kelton gave his thoughts on getting your “share of ear,” and the best practices that will keep you consistently sharing your voice.

Favorite line from this one:

“It’s way too easy to become the noise in a podcast-savvy universe.”

And on Wednesday, I revealed the nasty perils of hoarding your best ideas, saving them for a time that never comes. You’ll learn how to jump on new ideas, how to capture them before they run away, and how to entice your creative “muse” to send you a steady stream of topics.

My favorite line from this one (yes, we get to have favorite lines from our own stuff):

“Your muse is a fascinating creature, but she is not necessarily very nice.”

On Copyblogger FM, I talked about some business lessons we can take from an impressive influencer marketing “Fail.”

Aspiring influencer Arii lit up the feeds of content marketers this week. She’s gained well over two million Instagram followers, but an attempt to sell a few t-shirts fell embarrassingly flat.

Rather than adding to the pile of nasty remarks (I commend her courage for giving it a shot, actually), I pulled out a few business lessons that Arii — and we — can use to make our next offer more successful.

Product of the week: Creative Content Foundations

Creative Content Foundations helps strengthen the fundamental professional skills that will make your boss or clients love you. Gaps in our skill sets are key causes of impostor syndrome and failing confidence — this course is designed to fill those gaps.

Grow Your Content Marketing Skill Set

— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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