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The Thing that Keeps Many Conscientious Writers from Trying Freelance Writing

The Thing that Keeps Many Conscientious Writers from Trying Freelance Writing

If you’re concerned about whether or not you’d be a good service provider, there’s a good chance you’d be a perfectly acceptable service provider.

You know who’s usually not a perfectly acceptable service provider?

Those who don’t have that concern.

Because, right now, a lot of people do the exact same work you want to do, and they never stopped to worry about whether or not they’d provide good service.

And they don’t provide good service.

And working with them is frustrating.

This is your opportunity to stand out as a professional

"Poor client connections are usually a result of unclear boundaries, lousy communication, or a mismatch in your marketing strategy." – Claire Emerson

It’s time to dissolve the fears you might have about accidentally doing something wrong that will harm your reputation.

You first need to actively shift from presenting yourself as just a writer to presenting yourself as a professional service provider who runs a business with established rules and guidelines.

These include:

  • Business hours
  • Your terms of service
  • Your payment policy

Use that over-thinking brain of yours to cover all of the details that will help you operate your service business with confidence.

Mistakes can be fixed

"Don't ignore the facts, especially the ugly ones. But do understand that it's your game. You get to write the rules." – Sonia Simone

Let’s say something doesn’t go smoothly with a writing client.

It could be a miscommunication or an oversight.

Reasonable people will appreciate your efforts to remedy the situation.

Your conscientiousness also comes in handy here because you’ll apologize for the mistake (sometimes even if it wasn’t directly your fault) and do what it takes to satisfy the client’s needs.

The worst case scenario is that the client doesn’t want to work with you again. But if that happens, chances are you weren’t a great fit for each other in the first place.

That’s not a problem; you can find more of the right clients.

Exceed expectations

"Responsible creative people drive healthy competition." – Stefanie Flaxman

You know what humans love (besides ice cream)?


We love excuses because they absolve us of any responsibility and let us blame other people or circumstances.

Well, you can’t spell “blame” without “lame” … and that’s exactly what blaming is.

Rise above the flakiness people have come to expect.

When you take pride in your work and your word, you do a good job.

It’s that simple.

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