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Become a partner of Contalents and get more customers, special offers, extra revenue and additional ways for Creating your content in our content technical office
Content Writing

Create the right content to build your business. Our content creation services are integrated into your digital marketing strategy and focus on achieving outcomes – building a brand, converting sales or retaining customers.

Content Management

We provide extensive web content management system services. The services of our professionals help the client to manage and organize the content production and distribution data. we manage through CMS and ECM applications help the client to organize the data for a smooth business function, no more writer management hassle

Content Analysis

Know what works. And why. An analysis of your web content is essential in building and optimizing your content strategy. It means your business knows where to invest and what content is delivering a return on investment.

Content Acquisition

If you want help with negotiating vendor contracts you may choose to have us train your staff, provide “behind the scene” advice, negotiate a single contract on your behalf or negotiate all your contracts for you,Get the most out of your investments in content, while reducing risk of copyright breach.

Partners in Content

Let’s face it — content creation is hard. We’re here to make it easy.

We’re also here to make it efficient and effective for your organization.

That’s where we come in. The Contalents is designed to create high quality content at any scale. Whether you’re a retailer looking to re-write and enhance 1 million product descriptions, or a small business adding a few pages of content to your new website, we’ll help you get the job done.

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Communicate Your Value

The first goal of copywriting is to create a core message that clearly articulates your value.

Writing unique selling propositions for startups and evolving businesses has become something of a speciality for me, and it’s probably my favorite part of copywriting. I help you create a customer-driven statement that communicates exactly what you offer (and why customers should care) within 5 seconds of them arriving on your landing page.


Connect With Your Customers

We start with value, but the primary goal of copywriting is to connect that value to your customers in a tangible way.

We want them to feel hope as they anticipate how your business will remove a key pain point. We want them to feel excitement as they imagine how your business will help them meet their goals. Right now, your copywriting is probably focused on your business. I’ll help you focus on your customers, creating a compelling narrative that speaks to what they care about.


Increase Your Revenue

Persuasive copy bridges the gap between company value and customer need, resulting in an immediate increase in conversions and revenue… every single time. Once that’s covered, best practices go out the window, and it’s all about testing. If you need rewrites for weak copy or new copy written from scratch, I’ll provide you with the best possible starting point, helping you succinctly communicate your value and connect with your customers. If you already have solid copy but want even better results, I’ll help you create an A/B testing strategy and write multiple page variations for you to split test.


Be #1 on Google

Google will love you!

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts agree that high-quality content can take your website to the top of the search results. This is possible because Google rewards websites that publish high-quality content frequently and regularly. On top of that, Google is now penalizing websites with little or poor quality content. Use our content writing services to build a content-rich website that Google will love!

Content ROI Analysis, Asset Valuation And Management

content has provable content value. Put systems in place to measure content ROI and enable content asset management for capital investment and balance sheet inclusion.
[A] puts practices in place to manage content asset portfolios designed to optimize return on investment and provide incentive systems for authors and editors.

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Whether you are a Small Business or a Large Enterprise, whatever your content needs are, we’ve got you covered! Our ability to undertake content development projects of all sizes and still keep a lid on your costs makes us one of the best Copywriting services on the web.

Leverage the power of ordering high quality original content on the go without ever being tied to any kind of contracts or commitments.  With our order as you go service, you will have complete control over how much you spend on your content and how often.

We offer best-in-class content writing services at most affordable prices, and to top it up, you have the convenience of on the go orders, wherein you decide as to how much content you want and how frequently. All this translates into better cost control, and you get to stay within your budget.

We completely understand that not every business needs regular flow of content often which is why we don’t insist on monthly minimums, and this means that you have the freedom to order as little as 1 piece of content and if needed, max out to any number.

We offer custom and original content creation for your clients across niches. Contalents can help turn your clients’ editorial calendars into compelling, high-quality posts written by the best freelance writers in their industry.

With the power to use your own byline on all the content, you become the owner of the high quality content produced by expert copywriters. Organize your leads and resell the work to your own customers whenver you like, the way you like.

Agencies often go through periods of lull and high activity. Whether you need 10 posts a week for the quieter periods, or several hundred posts for your most active season, we are always ready to scale up and handle volumes.

Whether you need 100 or 1000 posts, no matter the subject is simple or complex, we have the skill, experience, and scalability to provide content that is top quality and delivered right on time. Even if you need to scale up your content overnight, we have you covered.

We offer a full scope of managed services to our enterprise clients. We can work with client’s content management system (if any), and adapt our processes to their system and deliver / publish content as per their requirements. This means, we own the responsibility entirely, right from content creation through publishing.

We have the technology, manpower, and skill to handle large volumes. Even if you need thousands of posts every month, you can stay assured that we have the capabilities to keep tabs on large volume orders, keep the content organized, and ensure quality.

Take your Content to the Next Level.

Need Lots of Content?
Responsible for thousands of words of highest quality content going on the web every single day, we help clients from almost all the verticals manage their small to large content projects seamlessly.  Get in touch to see how we can help.

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Your Content Development Partner

We just don’t write content for the sake of writing. We are passionate about writing engaging and informative content that educate the audience and make them fall in love with your brand. Content is the soul of your digital marketing strategy and therefore, it has to be crafted carefully and there should be no rookies involved.
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Great Content Gets Read

Do you know the difference good content and great content? Good content gets read whereas great content gets shared. This is the reason why 3Leaps spend so much time on content development. Our content will make you readers feel good about themselves; they will feel that they gain some knowledge after going through the articles
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Performance Oridented Content 

Our content developers at contalents are well aware of the fact that not all contents are appropriate for everybody. For example, case student or complex whitepapers are definitely meant for the school students whereas mature people definitely not like fairy tales.
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Contalents is an award winning content writing company offering low cost copywriting service. We offer web page content writing, guest post writing, ebook writing, digital marketing service.

Make a Killing Digital Presence

Build Credibility Among Your Buyer Personas

Establish authority in your Niche

Nurture Leads to the Next Level

Reach out to an Untapped Audience

Improve Search Rankings through optimized content

Any time you need us, we will be right there for you to provide fully qualified paper writing assistance!

We are always ready to provide professional writing assistance whenever you need us!

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